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Holiday Residence CoraZazen

'CoraZazen' (*) is a magnificent villa in the Axarquia in the deep green setting of the Andalusian mountains, with the sea so close by that you can almost smell it. It offers amazing luxury, a fantastic atmosphere, and great taste in décor. Far from the www.orld. A house with a heart. Do come in.


(*) For those who are inquisitive and keen to learn: the term 'Zazen' - which forms part of the name of our ‘casa’- means to ‘find your true self’. Starting with your self-esteem, living in the now, respect for others, and being open to the energy both inside and outside of your own body. 'CoraZazen' is the ideal place for such a mind(& body)set. Relaxation is not just a key word here. The prefix 'Cora' stems from the word corazón, which means heart in Spanish. And that goes without saying. 

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